Future Projects

With one book complete, the second book ready to begin, and the third one already shaping up in my notes, I am fully focused on the Weapon Snitch project, but there are so many other projects I have ready to leap into action when the time is right. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Journey’s End – This started out as a bedtime story I told my daughters over the course of a few months.

Lindsey Wu, a brilliant but insecure teenager, must delve into a surreal dreamworld populated only by children when her younger sister is kidnapped by the mysterious Mr. M. There she meets a host of friends as she discovers the magic within herself needed to overcome a giant sea monster, a deadly creeping fog and her own worst fears.

I have always considered this a love letter to my children on how to fall in love, and how to have faith in yourself and who you are. This story is partially written and will be my main project after completion of the Weapon Snitch series.

Loosely tied to the Weapon Snitch world, Journey’s End is actually the prelude to a longer and darker story about war, love, love lost, and loss.

Providence – A horror story set in space. Mankind has colonized the final frontier, settling on planets, moons, and even on colossal space stations built to house entire civilizations indefinitely. The first of these space stations is an ancient slapdash relic of a station named Providence.

Providence seemed like it would last forever, but when its atmospheric scrubbers are tainted by a strange black substance, the entire station is slated for demolition. After the evacuation a search and rescue team is dispatched to ensure no humans are left onboard. What they find there is far from human and pure terror.

VIDEO GAMES – As an avid gamer, I’m also very interested in creating stories for video games. I have two ideas fleshed out and am interested in finding an independent video game developer to help take these ideas and make them real.

Send a Thief – Porton, California is a crime riddled city, and Graeme Rook wouldn’t have it any other way. A cat burglar with a conscience, Graeme is set up by the police, but when he is taken to the station, he is not arrested but instead enlisted in a secret police task force tasked with bringing down a dangerous ring of high value thieves. Opening and ending scripts for this game have been written along with some intermediary content. Game concepts have also been prepared.

Springball – A classic platform game in the vein of Super Mario Bros., Springball follows the adventure of the titular hero–half spring, half ball– as he is ejected out of a junkyard following an explosion. A mechanical part that doesn’t seem to fit quite right in any machine he can find, Springball sets out on a quest to find out where he came from and what his purpose is.

This game concept is fully storyboarded with boss designs and some rudimentary concept art. All that’s left is to design all the levels, come up with the physic engine, animations, sound effects, music, and I’m sure something to do with “coding.” Not much, really.

AND BEYOND… Honestly? There’s so much in my head, so many little ideas that haven’t even had a good poke about to see what’s what, there is no telling what else I may have waiting to unleash itself on an unsuspecting public. But if you want an early warning system as opposed to just sitting around to wait for the tsunami to smack you upside the head, this might be a good place to check every so often.


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