Providence Episode Two

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Previously on Providence…

We are introduced to the engineering and maintenance crew aboard the Human Expansion League Colonial Space Station Providence. Thomas and Hank share a certain amount of professional rivalry, while their supervisor, Stacy Munoz, is the object of Thomas’s unrequited affection. We open with what seems a pretty normal shift for the crew until Thomas discovers an anomaly with the station’s atmospheric scrubbers. After every automated diagnostic has failed to identify the problem, Stacy orders Thomas to go check it out in person. And bring back some food from the new Valhallan restaurant while he is at it.

Now, dim the lights, and prepare yourself as we delve once again into the passageways of horror with episode two of Providence!

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Providence Episode 1

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Good evening!

This is an incredibly exciting addition to this site, and one that I hope will keep you coming back for more.

Until now, you’ve been stopping by to get your semi-regular dose of chilling short tales, but for this excursion, we’re going to have to go bigger.

Way bigger.

Tonight, I present the first of many episodes in an experiment in horror I began some time ago. Unplanned and unedited, this journey will take us to depths of terror we’ve not yet crossed together, meet people we will come to think of as friends, and crawl inside of nightmares like never before.

The time is centuries in the future. The place is the first space station in human history designed to house a large colony over the breadth of generations. It’s a unique outpost in the dark of space, rustic by the standards of its contemporary, and proud of its pioneering heritage.

But there is a poison lurking on board. A dark poison that has hidden in the shadows between stars for longer than the imagination can contemplate. A poison that has been waiting for us, for so very long.

So I welcome you to join me and the rest of the inhabitants on this station with a course plotted straight to horror. I welcome you to Providence.

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The haunted fairground/carnival/theme park is a staple of American horror, and one that I’ve wanted to tackle since I first started writing scary stories.

But I’m curious. Why are we drawn to such stories? What is it about the carnival that lends itself to terror? Is it the abundance of masks and costumes, manufactured happiness disguising who knows what underneath? Is it the music, the sounds, the smells? The slice of Americana that is so easily twisted into something more sinister? Or is it the history and the culture? The traveling nature of the carny that makes them a breed apart, or the sideshows, galleries of grotesques to which we can’t help but be drawn?

Whatever it is, there’s no shortage of good creepy stories, from American Horror Story, to Abandoned By Disney, to Koontz’s Twilight Eyes, and so much more to recount. And now I submit my own humble entry.

Welcome back to Porton, that delightfully frightening slice of Hampton Roads. A good wholesome family is about to embark upon a full day at the local theme park, Pixie Forest. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, according to Pixie Forest’s history… everything.

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We return again through the darkened halls and into this dim yet cozy little den. Have a seat. It’s a perfect night to catch a chill, isn’t it?

Tonight I introduce you to Ms. Deirdre Hart, a woman with a long standing feud with her alarm clock, and an apartment that, she will soon learn, has far more character than she was ready for.

It is, to me, interesting that while we say that anything can happen, we find comfort in certain constants. The sun will always rise in the morning, gravity will still be working normally tomorrow as it does today, and the house we live in will still be roughly the same shape tomorrow, assuming the absence of natural disaster or a very good party.

But what if I were to take one of these away? What if, you woke up, and one of these constants was no longer, well, constant? Would you adapt? Would you go mad?

What would you do if this new normal made it very clear that it wanted you dead?

Bah, best not to think about it, right? Because when you wake up tomorrow, everything will be exactly as it is today. Right?

Of course.

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Schedule change

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So I’m going to make two changes to my updating schedule here.

The first is that I will now be posting every other week. This will give me more time to write quality stories and edit them, as opposed to forcing crap every week. I’ve gone through most of my backlog of stories, so now we are at a point where most the stuff that I’m going to post is relatively new.

The second is that I’m going to post on Sunday instead of Monday. This just makes more sense as people will have time on Sunday to read, whereas Mondays can get a little busy what with work and real life and stuff. No, don’t mind me, I’ll arrange my life around your, you know, important whatever.

Anyway, thanks for popping by every so often. I hope you continue to enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy coming up with them.

True Nature (story)

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Good evening,

So tonight’s fare is going to diverge just a little from our normal tone, but not by much, I promise you. No, this story won’t fall exactly under the heading of horror, but that doesn’t mean I’ve taken to writing about sunshine and happy bunnies and whatnot. I’m still, you know, me.

Initially written as a contest entry for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, I knew the entry below was doomed considering it isn’t exactly horror. Hell, I started off knowing that, but the contest concept, and my idea, was too good to pass up. Tasked with retelling a classic fairy tale or fable in a contemporary setting, I chose to retell my all time favorite fable, let’s see if you can figure it out.

So get comfy, turn out the lights. There’s a hurricane a’ comin’, and something far deadlier if we don’t make haste. Be quiet, work quickly, and we might just get off of this island alive.

Happy haunting!

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The Tickle Monster

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Good Evening.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. I write most of my stories on a laptop or a computer, and in seconds I can send those stories off to various publications just as easily as I can post them here to share with you. Video phones were a bit of science fiction fifteen years ago, now everyone carries at least one device with vid-chat capabilities with them everywhere they go.

Technology has shrunken this world, and brought us closer in ways only imaginable in the wildest fiction of years past.

The question, my dearest readers, is… is this always a good thing? As we plumb the depths of human imagination and possibility, is the path before us always well lit? Or are there shadows, dark corners in which evil, gruesome things wait patiently.

Take the following story. It is a short story, not written specifically for character development, or to instill that nice slow burn of terror that I happen to be a fan of. No, file this one away adjacent to stranger-than-fiction, because unlike many of the ghouls and ghosts that decorate these figurative digs here, this is a story that could happen to just about anyone here.

Happy haunting!

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